Season Showdown at Forest Edge

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Race Report Forest Edge 2nd October 2016


The tension was palpable as drivers gathered for the last round of the FP4 championship on the 2nd October. Surprisingly numbers were down on expectations, especially because Forest Edge is one of the best tracks in the South of England with plenty of opportunity for high speed and competitive racing.  In world formula, two drivers were up for the championship win, with challenger Mark Davies just one point ahead of 2015 champion Angus Waddell. Davies had started the season with a series of dominant victories to assume a large lead by the halfway point, but Waddell managed to get his mojo back towards the final round, helped in some part to a DNF for Davies at Camberley, thereby closing the gap gradually so that the championship was to be decided at the final round. This was going to be fun!

As it turned out,though, Waddell swept the board in all four races with Davies keeping him honest into second place. In Heat 1 Waddell fought his way to the front from 9th place on the grid with Davies a tenth behind. This race was notable because of an excellent fight between Alex Whiteley and Peter Coakes. Coakes had already clinched the third place in the championship but he didn’t let up for the last race and harassed Whiteley all the way to the flag. Heat 2 had Waddell on the front at the start with Davies at the back but Davies passed no fewer than 8 drivers to come in 2nd, just behind Waddell. This time Coakes got the better of Whiteley in the 3rd and 4th spots. In Heat 3, both the championship contenders started mid-grid alongside each other and delivered a text book display to get to the front. Newbie for this season Tom Swadling came in 3rd for this race – his times have been improving all season and this bodes very well for next year. Back in the pack Keith Robertson joined in the Coakes-Whiteley mix with an exciting battle. Coakes drove a superb race coming from the back to come in 5th. 

So the final was the ultimate shoot out between Waddell and Davies. The championship would go to the winner of this race and both drivers were starting on the front of the grid. Both made lightning starts, and fought tooth and nail for the win, an exciting sight to behold. On the last lap but one Waddell got his nose ahead and put in a blistering lap setting the fastest time of the day. Davies was reeling him back in at the end with the fastest time in sector 3 but it wasn’t quite enough and Waddell took the flag just under a tenth of a second ahead. Behind, a charging Keith Robertson took third with the two sparring partners Coakes and Whiteley in close contention behind.

Prokarts started behind the World Formulas and were able to catch them on a couple of occasions. Carl Kirwin scythed through the WF back markers to take the victory in Heat 1 followed by Kev Mathers and Ian Fisher in third. In Heat 2 Kirwin tangled with a couple of WFs and so it was Mathers who took the victory with Fisher in 2nd. In Heat 3 Kirwin was black-flagged for loose bodywork so it was between Mathers and Fisher who delivered a nose to tail fight right up to the line. In the end Fisher got ahead to take the win. The final was a very closely fought thing between Kirwin and Mathers – In the end Kirwin won overall although Mathers set the fastest lap and finished a tenth of a second behind.

It had been an outstanding day of racing, organised with the customary efficiency and professionalism we have become used to from Forest Edge Kart Club. Our thanks go to them for accepting us onto their grid this year. The championship is now over and trophies will be awarded at the Kartmania exhibition at Silverstone at the end of Novem

ber. Congratulations should go to the champions and all of those who didn’t let them have it all their own way this year.

A non- championship round will be held at Thruxton on the 13th November and we hope to see as many drivers there as possible.




Final Round of Summer Champs Forest Edge

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There's going to be a close motorsport duel this weekend! Rosberg? Hamilton? No , much more important will be the duel for the 2016 crown of World Formula drivers championship! Two drivers are only separated by a handful of points - Angus Waddell, the 2015 champion and Mark Davies the challenger. Davies has led the standings for most of the season but Waddell has closed the gap as the season has progressed. It's going to be a close thing at one of the best tracks in the south of England. Well worth a watch.

Camberley Round 7

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Race Report Camberley 27th August 2016


The British summer strikes again! All the weather reports pointed towards a thundery wet day at the Blackbushe track as drivers arrived for Round 5 of their summer championship, but in the end the promised bad weather did not materialise, resulting in a dry day. Margins were very tight with very little to choose between Mark Davies and 2015 champion Angus Waddell at the top and Peter Coakes and Rob Teague vying for third place, so finishing every race high up in the order was going to be crucial. Entry numbers were down on previous rounds, possibly due to holidays. As a result the Prokarts started behind the World formulas in the same race. It was really good to see Vince LePine back on the grid after a long layoff and we hope he will manage to continue until the end of the season.

In Heat 1 Waddell stormed through the field gaining 6 places to take the victory. setting the fastest lap in the process but Davies shadowed him all the way to come home 2nd a mere 2.8 seconds behind. Teague and Coakes battled right up to the flag with Teague just taking third ahead of Coakes.  In the prokarts, Ian Fisher scythed through the WFs to come in 5th  overall ahead of a recovering Carl Kirwin in 7th. In Heat 2, Waddell once again took the victory making up 4 places with a determined Davies coming in very closely behind. This time however, Coakes managed to pull ahead of Teague who spun at the bus stop and only managing a lowly 9th. After a series of clean overtakes Carl Kirwin took the honours for the Prokarts with Fisher coming in 2nd. In Heat 3, Waddell made his pole position count by taking the flag first but Davies mounted a hard charge to catch him  - coming from further down the grid he took a creditable 2nd place whilst Coakes once again occupied the third spot. Teague slipped to 5th in this race despite some very quick laps. There was a titanic battle between Fisher and Kirwin in the Prokarts in this race with the lead swapping several times but in the end it was Kirwin who came in ahead in as close a finish as can be seen.

So the final started in championship order and that was the way it finished – a clean sweep for Waddell with all four victories and the fastest lap although Davies had not made it easy for him. Coakes’s 3rd place pushed Teague, who finished 5th,  further back but all is not over with that particular battle until the final round. Alex Whiteley is another driver threatening to join that fight. It was good to see a new driver, Stephen Ayres, join the grid for the first time this year and despite a few technical issues managed a creditable 7th in his first final. We hope to see him again in the coming rounds. Carl Kirwin took the Prokart honours with Fisher in second and an ever improving Jon Davies in third.

It had been an entertaining day at Camberley, FP4s last visit to Blackbushe for 2016. Our thanks go to Camberley Kart Club for their welcome to us and professional approach towards the race days. We hope to join them again in 2017.

The final championship round will be at Forest Edge on the 2nd October, although there will be one further non-championship race at Thruxton in November.. In the WF standings, there is everything to play for at this final round as currently there is only 1 point in it. Waddell has eaten into Davies’ lead with a series of good results and the Camberley round has brought him very close to the leader. In the Heavies it looks like 2015 champion Keith Robertson has it again whilst Shayne Cuthbert has walked away with the Prokart championship. Entries for the October round are now open.

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