Race Report – Rissington 23rd April 2017

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A new round, a new track….. For the first time, the drivers of FP4 ran the third round of the summer championship at Rissington as guests of Rissington kart club. Most drivers had not driven the track before so arrived for the test day on the Saturday, making for a jolly evening before racing the following day. The weather was fantastic, warm  and sunny and as race day progressed, grip levels improved dramatically. The race calendar meant that there had been three rounds in nine weeks so the intervening time had been busy with preparation for the needs of the individual tracks. Once again World formulas ran on a separate grid to ProKarts and the track layout led to some close and exciting racing.

In Wfs it was pleasing to see a return for Mark Jarvis, who was to give championship leader and 2017 champion Angus Waddell a run for his money although he did take some time to settle in to the track. In Heat 1 Waddell walked away with the victory from a resurgent Chris Kelly and Dominic Wright in third, setting one of the fastest laps of the day. However in Heat 2 nothing went according to plan for Waddell who could only manage 4th place behind some stirring driving from Jarvis who took the victory by 4 seconds from Rob Teague and Alex Whiteley who had enjoyed a titanic scrap throughout the race with Teague taking second by a mere 14 hundreths. In Heat 3, the Waddell/Jarvis duel continued, with these two swapping places throughout with Waddell just pipping Jarvis at the post. During this race there was also a thrilling three way fight between Peter Coakes, Alex Whiteley and Keith Robertson with each taking the third spot as the race progressed. Once again it was a clear and impressive illustration of close, hard racing and in the end Coakes took third with Whiteley a mere smidgeon behind and Robertson hard on Whiteley’s bumper.

It was to be in the Final that all hell broke loose between Waddell and Jarvis.  With them both starting on the front row, the other drivers could only follow and watch an exciting and close battle throughout. By the second lap it was Jarvis in front and Waddell tried everything he could to take the lead. With the overtaking opportunities afforded by the Rissington track, time and again Waddell lunged down the inside under braking or tried to get underneath Jarvis on exit. But Jarvis held on to the end, but only just, and Waddell had to settle for second, a slender distance behind. The duel was just as enjoyable to watch and showed how karts should be raced, closely and fairly.

In Prokarts, it was to be a Cuthbert day! Matt Wileman has dominated the lead of the first two rounds, but Cuthberts’ technical knowledge and detailed practice on the Saturday paid off and he took victory in all four races. A welcome addition to the Prokart ranks was Mark Davies, who put in a cameo appearance for this one day and as usual was right on the pace from the start. In Heat 1 it was Cuthbert from Wileman and Davies. Heat 2 It was again Cuthbert from Wileman and in third Carl Kirwin, who was getting into the act as the day progressed. Heat 3 was once again Cuthbert followed by Wileman and Davies so it was to be expected that they would finish like that in the final. The heavyweight category is also hotting up as the season progresses, with Tony Lamb switching to provide a spirited challenge to Roy Grassie, who is having an excellent first season with the club.

It had been a successful and highly enjoyable weekend for the clubs’ first visit to Rissington. Our grateful thanks go to Rissington Kart club for their very warm welcome and well organised day. We hope we will be able to return there soon.

The next round of the summer season will be at Camberley on the 27th May (Saturday). Entries are open now.

Race Report – Forest Edge 2nd April 2017

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After two very wet race days, blue skies and sunshine greeted the drivers as they arrived at the Forest Edge track for round two of the FP4 Summer championship. As usual it was a very busy day for the receiving club as there were over 200 drivers racing on the day, but FEKC organised the day with their customary efficiency. For the first time there were as many ProKarts as World Formulas in the entry, so two separate grids were provided.

In world Formula Heat 1, Keith Robertson was on pole position and remained in the lead during the race despite some spirited attacking from Angus Waddell. Eventually Waddell made it past to take the chequered flag, only to be given a 10 second penalty for what the stewards deemed was unfair contact, handing the victory to Robertson. Alex Whitely started the day in the way he was to continue, fighting it out for victory and coming in second. Tom Swadling rounded up the top three. In Heat 2, Waddell started in 8th place but worked his way cleanly through the field to take victory on the last lap from a charging Alex Whiteley in what was a thrilling contest between the two drivers. In third was Chris Kelly who has been threatening the top spot all season. In Heat 3, it was once again Whiteley who pushed Waddell for the victory although a series of very fast laps from Waddell put paid to his challenge. Behind there was a very close tussle for third between Rob Teague, Dominic Wright and Dave Jarvis with Teague just taking the third sport with Wright and Jarvis right behind. So the world formula final was going to be a duel between Whiteley and Waddell and for the first few laps the two traded positions in a close and even battle. Eventually, Waddell got away and Whitely found himself having to defend from a charging Dave Jarvis who had worked his way up from 5th. Time after time Jarvis threatened to come through until Whiteley thwarted his challenge  - this was close fair racing at its best. On the penultimate corner of the last lap Jarvis managed to squeeze through to take the second place, leaving Whiteley disappointed in third, but it had been very exciting to watch and Whiteley will surely finish on the top step of the podium soon.

In Prokarts, 2016 champion Shayne Cuthbert is going to have his work cut out this season if he is to retain his crown. Other 7kart drivers Matt Wileman and Matt Dorrington are going to keep him honest right down to the wire, whilst it looks close in the new Heavyweight category as well. In Heat 1, Wileman carved through the field from 7th on the grid and took the victory with Cuthbert and Dorrington very close behind, setting some stunning lap times. Newby Jeremy Balls set a marker for the day with an excellent drive coming in 5th having started in 10th. In Heat 2 Cuthbert put in a spirited drive to work his way up to 2nd from 8th at the start, although it just wasn’t enough to catch Wileman. Carl Kirwin finished third in this race with Dorrington less than three tenths behind. Finally in Heat three Cuthbert managed to get ahead of Wileman, and resisted his attempts to pass to finish less than a kart length ahead, despite Wileman setting the fastest lap of the day. Dorrington came in third one of the closest finishes we have seen so far this season. The final passed without incident with the tope three – Wileman, Cuthbert and Dorrington finishing in that order; the gaps were very small but their lap times showed them to be out on their own ahead of the field. Kirwin and Balls enjoyed a very close battle with Kirwin coming in just ahead of Balls. That will be a battle to watch this season. In the Heavyweight battle, Roy Grassie took the honours with Ross Brinkley coming in third.

It has been a hugely entertaining day at the Forest Edge track with some closely fought battles all day. Our thanks go to Forest Edge Kart Club for their warm welcome and well organised day and we look forward to visiting them again at the end of the summer.

The next round will be at Rissington on the 23rd April. Entries are open and need to be in soon.

Race Report – Clay Pigeon 12th March 2017

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It wasn’t a promising start to the day….. Heavy dark clouds shrouded the Clay Pigeon raceway with bursts of heavy rain soaking the track as drivers arrived for the first round of their summer championship. The weather improved in the middle of the day allowing some dry running but then closed in again towards the end of the day. There was a healthy entry for both ProKarts and World Formulas and there were two separate grids. The racing was spectacular and exciting with thrills and spills throughout the day. Particular interest centred on the new Duro wet tyres adopted by the club for this season. Supply issues meant that these were only mandatory for the ProKart runners  - the Wfs were permitted to use their Vega W2s for the last time.

In Wf, it was immediately clear that Angus Waddell the 2016 champion was not going to have it all his own way this year. Some spirited driving by a number of experienced drivers made him work hard for his victories – In Heat 1 Tony Wynne put in an excellent drive to harass Waddell right down to the line and very nearly caught him on the last lap. Peter Coakes, who came in third, scored fastest lap and would have got into the mix had he started further up the grid. Dominic Wright and Alex Whiteley  also laid down  markers with  storming drives from the back of the grid. In Heat 2 Waddell was once again at the front of the order but was excluded for a technical issue with his kart, leaving the victory to Chris Kelly, who performed very well all day. Keith Robertson made a welcome return to the podium slots with that man Whiteley again working his way forward to come in 3rd. Rob Teague stormed through the order in that race, gaining 8 places from his original grid slot. In Heat 3, it was all about Waddell, showing he has improved hugely since joining the club. He made no fewer than 13 clean and fair passes to take the victory although his task wasn’t made easy by a determined drive from Dominic Wright. Whiteley was once again up to third place meaning that he has earned the right to start from Pole position for the final. Consistent and top quality drives were his reward and he led the field off under considerable pressure from Dom Wright and Waddell. In the driving rain one end of poor Keith Roberston’s rear axle parted company from his kart making for some interesting moments on the first corner. Young Archie Ayling, a newcomer to the club, made up four places as a result – this young man may well be one to watch for the future. In the end there was the customary sight of Waddell on the top spot of the podium but he had been made to work very hard for the victory and Wright in particular looks a good bet for some exciting duels for this year. Whiteley came in third ahead of Chris Kelly.

ProKarts enjoyed the largest grid for a long time with a number of new drivers joining the group. As a result Shayne Cuthbert, the 2016 champion, is not going to find it easy this season. On top of all this was the added complication of the new  Duro wet tyres which behave differently to the Vegas from last season. Of the top runners most were in 7Karts. There was initial confusion over the starting procedure and as a result Kev Mathers was first into the first corner , a lead he wasn’t to relinquish until lap 6 to Matt Wileman under braking into Hanns. Matt Dorrington also got past to come in second but for the moment Cuthbert seemed to be struggling with the tyres to come in behind Mathers in 4th. Heat 2 was a different matter although with a similar result  - Wileman first, Dorrington second and Cuthbert 3rd. After another confusing start there was a major melee at Billys with several karts ending up in the tyres. For the back markers such as the fast starting Carl Kirwin it was then a long slog to the finish. Heat 3 was run in persistent, wetting drizzle and several karts made off track excursions. There was a titanic battle between Wileman, Dorrington and Cuthbert with all three finishing in that order within three seconds of each other. So when the final came round the weather had taken a turn for the worse so the by this time cold and wet drivers lined up with  the three heat winners at the front. Despite some heroic passing attempts by both Dorrington and Cuthbert it was Wileman who took the top honours to round off a perfect day for him.  Worth a mention was newcomer Roy Grassie who put in a solid performance to come in fourth, having recorded some very fast laps.

The weather did not dampen the enthusiasm of the drivers and our thanks go to Clay Pigeon Kart club for their warm welcome and very well organised meeting. We will return to Clay in October for the last championship round of the year. The next round of the summer championship is in three weeks time at Forest Edge on the 2nd April. Entries are open now.

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